J is actually the tenth character in the present day English alphabet and also the ISO essential Latin alphabet. Its own ordinary label in English is actually jay de or even, currently abnormally, jy da. & 911 & 93 & 912 & 93 When utilized for the palatal approximant, it might be actually referred to as yod jd or even jod or even yot jt or even jot.


The character J emerged as a, j&r stores, swash character I & 91citation needed to have & 93, made use of for the character I in the end of Roman characters when adhering to an additional I, as in XXIIJ or even xxiij rather than XXIII or even xxiii for the Roman number embodying 23. A distinguishing utilization surfaced in Middle High German. & 913 & 93 Gian Giorgio Trissino 14781550 was actually the 1st to clearly identify I and also J as working with different noises, in his pistola del Trissino de le lettere nuvamente aggiunte ne Los Angeles lingua italiana Trissinos epistle concerning the characters lately included the Italian foreign language of 1524. & 914 & 93 Originally, I and also J were actually various designs for the exact same character, both similarly exemplifying i, i, as well as j however, Romance foreign languages built brand-new noises coming from past j which became stood for as I as well as J as a result, English J, obtained coming from the French J, possesses an audio market value fairly various coming from j which stands for the first audio in the English phrase however.


In English, & x27e8j & x27e9 very most generally exemplifies the affricate. In Old English, the phoneme d was actually exemplified orthographically along with & x27e8cg & x27e9 and also & x27e8c & x27e9. & 915 & 93 Under the effect olden French, which possessed an identical phoneme originating from Latin j, English secretaries started to make use of & x27e8i & x27e9 eventually & x27e8j & x27e9 to embody word-initial d in Old English for instance, iest and also, later on jest, while making use of & x27e8dg & x27e9 somewhere else as an example, bush. & 915 & 93 Later, several various other uses & x27e8i & x27e9 later on & x27e8j & x27e9 were actually included loanwords coming from French as well as various other foreign languages e.g. adjoin, junta. The 1st English foreign language manual to create a, j&r stores, crystal clear difference in between & x27e8i & x27e9 as well as & x27e8j & x27e9 was actually posted in 1633. & 916 & 93 In financing terms including raj, & x27e8j & x27e9 might stand for. In several of these, featuring raj, Azerbaijan, Taj Mahal, and also Beijing, the routine enunciation d is really closer to the indigenous accent, helping make using a case of a hyperforeignism. & 917 & 93 Occasionally, & x27e8j & x27e9 stands for the initial j noise, as in Hallelujah as well as arm find Yodh for particulars. In phrases of Spanish source, where & x27e8j & x27e9 works with the voiceless velar fricative x like jalapeo, English sound speakers often comparative along with the voiceless glottal fricative h.

Wingdings issueedit

In English, & x27e8j & x27e9 is actually the 4th the very least regularly made use of character in phrases, being actually additional constant merely than & x27e8z & x27e9, & x27e8q & x27e9, as well as & x27e8x & x27e9. It is actually, having said that, rather popular in appropriate substantives, specifically individual labels.


Related charactersedit

The wonderful large number of Germanic foreign languages, like German, Dutch, Icelandic, Swedish, Danish and also Norwegian, make use of & x27e8j & x27e9 for the palatal approximant j, which is actually normally exemplified due to the character & x27e8y & x27e9 in English. Significant exemptions are actually English, Scots and also to a, j&r stores, minimal level Luxembourgish. & x27e8j & x27e9 likewise stands for j in Albanian, and also those Uralic, Slavic and also Baltic foreign languages that make use of the Latin alphabet, including Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian, Polish, Czech, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Latvian and also Lithuanian. Some similar foreign languages, including Serbo-Croatian and also Macedonian, additionally used & x27e8j & x27e9 right into the Cyrillic alphabet for the exact same function. Due to this requirement, the reduced scenario character was actually decided on to become made use of in the IPA as the phonetic sign for the noise.

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In the Romance foreign languages, & x27e8j & x27e9 has actually normally created coming from its own initial palatal approximant worth in Latin to some type of fricative. In French, Portuguese, Catalan, and also Romanian it has actually been actually overlooked to the postalveolar fricative like & x27e8s & x27e9 in English procedure. In Spanish, through comparison, it has actually been actually each devoiced as well as supported coming from an earlier to a, j&r stores, contemporary x h, & 918 & 93 along with the true phonetic understanding relying on the sound speakers languages.

Other usesedit

In contemporary conventional Italian punctuation, just Latin terms, appropriate substantives including Jesi, Letojanni, Juventus and so on or even those acquired coming from overseas languages possess & x27e8j & x27e9. Till the 19th century, & x27e8j & x27e9 was actually made use of rather than & x27e8i & x27e9 in diphthongs, as a, j&r stores, substitute for ultimate -ii, and also in vowel teams as in Savoja this guideline was actually rather stringent for formal creating. & x27e8j & x27e9 is actually likewise utilized to make j in language, e.g. Romanesque ajo for common aglio garlic. The Italian storyteller Luigi Pirandello utilized & x27e8j & x27e9 in vowel teams in his jobs recorded Italian he likewise recorded his indigenous Sicilian foreign language, which still makes use of the character & x27e8j & x27e9 to exemplify j as well as often additionally d or even gj, relying on its own atmosphere. & 919 & 93


In Basque, the diaphoneme stood for through & x27e8j & x27e9 possesses an assortment of understandings depending on to the local vocabulary j,,,,, x the final one is actually common of Gipuzkoa.


Among non-European foreign languages that have actually embraced the Latin writing, & x27e8j & x27e9 mean in Turkish and also Azerbaijani, for in Tatar. & x27e8j & x27e9 mean d in Indonesian, Somali, Malay, Igbo, Shona, Oromo, Turkmen, and also Zulu. It stands for an articulated palatal plosive in Konkani, Yoruba, and also Swahili. In Kiowa, & x27e8j & x27e9 represent a, j&r stores, voiceless alveolar plosive, t.

j - 3


In Chinese Pinyin, & x27e8j & x27e9 represent t, the unaspirated substitute of & x27e8q & x27e9.

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The Royal Thai General System of Transcription carries out certainly not make use of the character & x27e8j & x27e9, although it is actually made use of in some and also non-standard transcriptions to exemplify either t or even t the second observing PaliSanskrit origin substitutes.


In romanized Pashto, & x27e8j & x27e9 exemplifies, articulated dz.


Unicode additionally possesses a, j&r stores, dotless variation, U0237. It is actually mostly utilized in Landsmlsalfabet and also in maths. It is actually certainly not wanted to become made use of along with diacritics because the typical j is actually softdotted in Unicode that is actually, the dot is actually taken out if a diacritic is actually to become positioned over Unicode more conditions that, as an example i and also the exact same is true for j as well as. & 9113 & 93


In Unicode, a, j&r stores, replicate of J for usage as an unique phonetic personality in historic Greek grammars is actually inscribed in the Greek text block as Unicode U03F3. It is actually made use of to signify the palatal soar j in the circumstance of Greek manuscript. It is actually gotten in touch with Yot in the Unicode specification, after the German title of the character J. & 9114 & 93 & 9115 & 93 An uppercase model of the character was actually contributed to the Unicode Standard at U037F along with the launch of variation 7.0 in June 2014. & 9116 & 93 & 9117 & 93

In various other jobs

In the Wingdings typeface through Microsoft, the character J is actually presented as a, j&r stores, skin keep in mind this stands out coming from the Unicode code aspect U263A, which presents as. In Microsoft functions, is actually immediately switched out through an emoticon provided in a details font style skin when comprising abundant text message documentations or even HTML e-mail. This autocorrection function could be turned off or even transformed to a Unicode emoticon. & 9118 & 93



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