For the fourth time, students from the „George Cosbuc” National College Motru, coordinated by the teachers Nicolae Negrea and Constantina Negrea, have successfully represented Romania in the European Parliament. In the final of the general culture quiz, Eurogame, students Rotaru Bianca, Albisoru Cristina and Bresniceanu Lorena were part of the three finalist teams, while professor Emanuela Cretu, observer from CNGC Motru, was in the winning team of the Eurogame contest for teachers.

The goals that the participants have met in this edition are: a better knowledge of the European institutions and the European Parliament’s role in the EU decision-making process; a better understanding of the European Union and the values ​​on which it is based; raising awareness and empowerment of students on the social, economic and political contemporary European circumstances; empowering students by promoting and internalizing the values ​​and principles of the European Union; informing young people about the necessity of actively taking part in this by respecting the rights and responsibilities they have as citizens of the European Union; the development of communication skills and teamwork.


Given the experience of previous years, students from the „George Cosbuc” National College could benefit again from a very important opportunity by participating in activities organized by the European Parliament because, besides the fact that they have developed their capacities regarding oratory, rhetoric and argument, they have understood the mechanisms of democracy within the Parliamentary Committees and the Plenary of the European Union Parliament. They worked together with other young people for a tolerant Europe, where there is no discrimination of age, gender, race or nationality, participating in the construction of a multicultural and multilingual Europe.

By taking part in those activities in the European Parliament, exceeding the curriculum, „Sons of Liberty” have grown more mature by realizing that they are representing the „George Cosbuc” National College of Motru, Motru Municipality, Gorj County, but also Romania in the heart of the European Union.

Irina Mutică

Greetings! I’m Irina Georgia Mutică, pupil from the ‘George Coșbuc’ National Highschool and I was one of the representative speakers of Romania in the European Parliament of Strasbourg on the ninth of February, along with my classmate, Dochian Alexandru. This way I was offered the opportunity of understanding Jean-Claude Juncker, the one who said that Europe is not present enough in the Union and the Union is not present enough in this Europe of values. Even so, we, curious youngsters, managed to discuss serious problems in a very friendly setting, among pupils who were very open-minded towards ideas that had been exposed to us. It was gratifying to interact with experts regarding politics, experts who listened to our theories as we were their colleagues. As for the cities we have visited, I can’t seem to reproduce the substance of each of them since it was more of an intrinsic experience which me and my schoolmates perceived differently. It was an entertaining project, and so was the trip through Europe; human stereotypes are dissimilar in the West and there is no point in mentioning the chastity and, simultaneously, the difficulty with which I tried to comprehend their way of living. It was tough to assimilate the information so quickly whereas the visits we paid to each city didn’t last for more than a few hours. I had the occasion to take contact with the western values and the western culture and thanks to this journey I achieved an experience which helped me widen my open-mindedness through the acquaintance with diversified mental attitudes in relation to the national conscience. I deem this only the beginning and I confide in the fact that these days were only a warm-up for every single person in this connected and multivalent team. I won’t forget, of course, to send many thanks to our dearest guides towards the opportunity that has been given to us: the teachers Negrea Nicolae, Negrea Constantina and Crețu Emanuela, under the leading of whom we managed to accomplish such a success. I feel honored to represent them, my colleagues, this school. Thank you. :)

Cosmin Alioanei

It was a pleasure for me to speak in the European Parliament from Strasbourg ,France . I did not know what will be there and I was surprised that unknown pupils chose me to be one of the speakers . I can tell to you this feeling has not a possible comparation with another one because a lot of people follow you from their chairs and They are expected that your moment to be the great.

Bianca Rotaru

The European Parliament experience was very enjoyable because I didn’t expect to find so many interesting things. More or less I discovered what is supposed to be a Member of European Parliament and I had the opportunity to find important things about the actual situation of European Union by questions posed to Prof. Dr. Klaus Buchner.

Another activity that I liked was the discussion of some issues like „The future of Europe” and „Migration and integration”. The discussion were made on topics, forming smaller groups, where even the most timid could participate with interesting ideas or with interventions and objections.

The Eurogame was the most enjoyable activity for me because I was able to interact with many students and even make with teammate. Although the Eurogame consists of general knowledge and knowledge of several languages, I believe that, in fact, you need a good cooperation and understanding with students of other nationalities. Exactly how the functioning of European Union is based on understanding and cooperation of member states.

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