Within their KA2 Strategic Partnership, TURN ONline, a project whose aim is to sustain digitalization within youth organizations promoting peace and human rights, GEYC has started in December 2017 a research on the usage of digital tools by youth NGOs promoting peace and human rights.

The study is structured into two parts:

I. Desk research, part in which each partner organization will be looking online for available tools, reports, tutorials, researches, conferences, publications, events, projects on the topic. The aim of the Desk Research is to collect the data about local, regional, national and european activities, publications and reports on the topics of usage of digital tools by youth NGOs and good practices in the field of online activism.

II. Field research, dedicated to the development of an online survey, accessible at the following link:

  • Romanian version – if you are a youth worker/ volunteer active in a Romanian NGO
  • English version – if you are a youth worker/ volunteer active in a NGO in other country than Romania
Deadline for filling in the questionnaire: 19th January 2018.
Also, you are invited to check the website of the project:
The aim of the questionnaire on the theme: Usage of digital tools by youth NGOs promoting peace and Human Rights, is to collect data from NGOs that, through their activities, stand for human rights and peace building. The results of the survey will be used for a further analysis on the topic.
In case you are willing to share your experience with an online tool, please leave your e-mail address and the name of the tool you would like to present in the last section of the questionnaire. The material will be used within the online platform, „Be digital, be effective” that will be developed during TURN ONline project.
After gathering all the results from Romania, a report will be created and published online, so that all NGOs that have participated at the survey can access it and use its results into future projects or as a basis for improving the way they conduct their activities.

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