The President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, has committed to the fight against extreme poverty and for sustainable development. Heeding the call of over 250 ONE Youth Ambassadors across Europe, he signed a pledge to ensure the EU keeps its promises to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

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Citeşte varianta în limba română aici.

ONE youth activists also secured the support of over 150 of the newly elected Members of the European Parliament from across the political spectrum, including Siegfried Mureșan.

The volunteers have the backing of European citizens: Almost 9 in 10 EU Europeans feel it is important to help people in developing countries, according to the latest Eurobarometer results.

“I’m really excited that our President is sharing the same concerns as many ONE Youth Ambassadors all over Europe, namely the need to fight extreme poverty, empower women and girls and promote  better access to healthcare, be it in Africa or within the EU. The EU needs to remain a global leader on these issues and I am thrilled that the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council has put the Sustainable Development Goals high on their agenda”, affirmed Laura Vişan, a 31 year-old Youth Ambassador from Romania.

„Now, we need a shared commitment from our politicians to champion this fight together with the rest of us in order to make our world a better place. We have to start now, and we need to make this a priority for Europe”, added Vişan.

“The EU leaders should listen to our  Youth Ambassadors: they are their electorate and they have a clear message. Europe needs to keep leading the fight for a better world for all of us, at home and abroad. The EU is a champion in international development, and Youth Ambassadors are doing their part to make sure it stays that way. EU leaders have a responsibility to listen to young people and join the fight”, said Friederike Röder, EU and France Director at ONE.

Photo: Facebook/Klaus Iohannis


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